What to ask when meeting with your RE

Tomorrow afternoon is our check-in with our Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). 

We booked this meeting because:
1. Our clinic recommends you have a meeting every 3 months to discuss
any required changes to your fertility plan
2. We are still unexplained
3. We are still not pregnant

I plan on asking for some additional testing (sono-what?).

I also want a clear direction for what to do if our next and potentially last IUI fails.

IUI again? IVF? I sometimes wish there was a flowchart to follow.  Answer yes move to square 2, answer no move to square 4. Wouldn’t that be easier!

What are the questions you ask your RE (especially if you are unexplained)?


22 thoughts on “What to ask when meeting with your RE

  1. I don’t have any questions but I will say don’t do what I did and make decisions right there on the spot while you are in the mix of all the emotions. I wish I would have went home, prayed about everything and processed the information first. Keep us updated. I’m praying you go in and the right questions will come to your mind during your meeting 🙂



      • yeah something I did not do! LOL! I went in not wanting to do IVF but totally got talked into it especially with all the emotions running high. I committed to it shortly after and kept wanting to ‘back out’ between the time I said “yes” and the time I started the meds, but felt I was too far in to the process to say “stop”. It’s not that I’m against IVF, I just wish I would have handled it totally differently.


  2. Have you researched “Natural Killer Cells”? Does that clinic test for them? My RE said if you have them you most likely wouldn’t get pregnant with IUI or IVF. I know now all places check for them but it might be worth asking. I had them and had to have an infusion a couple weeks ago. They are normal and good in every day life, just not when trying to procreate!!


  3. During my last meet with the RE I asked a few questions.
    1. After 4 unexplained miscarriages (my case) what is the next step? IUI, Medicated IUI, or potential IVF.
    2. Any additional meds I can take daily ( they added Aspirin and Folic Acid
    3. Also NK cells they can check for.
    4. How many more cycles should we do IUI until the next step?
    5. I also asked for an ultrasound because I have pcos and wanted to see what things were looking like!
    I hope this helps in some way : )


  4. I think you should ask any and all questions you need to until you feel like you are on the same page. I would ask about success rates for this specific clinic with cases similar to yours. I also think its a feeling regarding your RE. If you have any doubts at all, I would consult with someone else.


  5. I so wish there was a flow chart as well! Hahaha! Here are some questions I would ask:
    What are some possible reasons our previous IUI’s failed?
    What can we adjust in the protocol to increase our chance with this IUI?
    Are there any other tests that have not been done that I can try? Sonohysterogram?
    What are my chances of success with IUI vs IVF?
    I really hope this helps, it’s so frustrating not to have answers. We too are unexplained and I just don’t know where to turn next sometimes. Good luck!


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  7. Good luck at your next appt – hope it brings more an organized plan (I, too, hate how non-linear infertility can be!) and some answers to questions. My last appt as I asked about my egg quality. I know they tested it but never got info about results. That was good info for me to know. GL!


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