When I’m finally pregnant…

Jena at Someday Mama got it all right with this post. Why are pregos so insensitive to trying-but-definitely-not-yeah-its-infertility-non-pregos? UGH.

Someday Mama

I’m never going to let my hand leave my belly. And the whole time I’m talking to someone I’m just gonna rub it in circular motions.
I’m gonna post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other social media site everyday about how I’m feeling. (I don’t even have a Twitter account either so that’s going to be interesting).
I’m going to take selfie bump pics everyday.
I will cover every window of my car with “baby on board” stickers.
I will only have conversations with people about breastfeeding, birthing stories, and pregnancy woes.
I will constantly remind everyone of my due date and how far along I am at this very moment.
I’m going to constantly complain about how exhausted I am.

I promise to do all of these things because, after all, isn’t this mandatory??
Wait! No!? You don’t HAVE to do this everyday to officially be a member…

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