Say hello to my new fur baby!

CD ?  Yeah that’s right. This is my break and I DON’T CARE! 

Sooooooo, I finally did it! I convinced my husband to let me get a kitty!

In December, I said that all I wanted for Christmas was a kitty or a plane ticket home to see my parents. Neither one happened, but my hubby did come through with tickets to the ballet. His rationale for no kitty was that “we would be pregnant soon”.

Failed cycle after failed cycle, I think he finally decided that I deserve my consolation prize. *queue cute kitty* 


Meet Oliver! He’s a 3.5 year old purebred ragdoll. He came from a family with 2 kids, 2 other cats, and 2 dogs. They needed to find him a new home because their oldest cat wasn’t getting along with him.


Oliver hanging out in my home office. Yes that is the only walk-in closet in the house and now the litter box room.

He’s adorable. He’s smart. He’s sooo cuddly. He’s soooooo fluffy. And now, he’s a part of our fur-baby family. I thought it was a perfect fit as he does well with other pets and children. Optimistically future focused. 

Plus, HE WAS FREE! I wanted a ragdoll, but I also really wanted to get a shelter animal or one that was in need of a home. I couldn’t justify the cost of buying from a registered breeder. I’m so glad I found him. I knew right away he was “the one”. Kitty love at first sight. 😀 


I cleaned out our storage room a few weekends ago and have been slowly selling unused wedding gifts on our local online classifieds. (Bad – I know but hey if we haven’t used them in 3 years, are we really going to?). I’ve made more than enough money to cover the costs of a few kitty things to start – litter box, cat tree, scratch post, treats, food, etc. Clear out the crud to make room for the new. 

So far, so good. I picked him up yesterday. He’s opened up quite a bit today. You may think I’m crazy to get a new pet 3 days after my husband had surgery, but we actually thought it would make the transition smoother. I worked from home today and Mike’s off work all week. Oliver won’t be alone much to start.


Oliver taking a nap while I enjoyed a detox bath tonight.

We are keeping him and the dogs apart for now. Bella is absolutely intrigued by him. She even crawled under the bed and laid beside him tonight. Bella does really well with other animals. I hope they become the best of friends! (Yes, I googled ragdoll + chihuahua photos prior to picking him up.) And yes, he’s bigger than the chis! He’s their new BIG little brother.


The night before Oliver came home: Bella the chihuahua in the cat tree. “Mom what are you doing to me?”

On the other hand, Max has little dog syndrome and thinks he should just bark at Oliver. We gotta work on that.


The night before Oliver came home: Max the chihuahua in the cat tree. “Love the view from up here”.

I’m going to enjoy my fertility break and enjoy my new addition. I heart my little family. XO. 



21 thoughts on “Say hello to my new fur baby!

  1. What a goooorgeous pussy you have! I know that’s crass but I couldn’t resist! My cat is my very bestest friend in the whole wide world, and I wish you much happiness with your new furry companion 🙂 He’s a kickass “silver lining” in my opinion! XOXO


  2. Aw, so sweet! I miss having a cat, but hubby is deathly allergic, so he let me get my own puppy a few years ago and he’s the size of a cat, super cuddly but with a fun, spunky dog personality. Love our little fur babies 🙂


  3. Congratulations! He’s adorable. Adopting cats was the best thing we ever did. I grew up with cats and plenty of people have cats and babies, so that’s never been a good excuse for me. Also, when I was a kid, we got a kitten around the time my dad had back surgery. He was happy to have the company during recovery. As you know, cats pretty much take care of themselves.


  4. We have brothers who were feral as kittens (but I caught and tamed them!). Very loving/affectionate. I adore rag doll cats. After our two, I want to get a rag doll. Yet, I also feel that I should adopt a shelter cat as they REALLY need people to adopt them. Maybe I’ll get lucky like you!! Congrats. You really won the jackpot.


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