Surgery Day: openness, relaxation and big decisions

CD29. Pending good ol’ Aunt Flo.

My beta was negative on Wednesday as I expected. 

I stopped my Progesterone the night before (I’m bad – I know). Last month, it took about 2 days after I stopped until my period started. It’s Friday, so I hoping (yes I just said that) that she arrives before the end of the day.

Right now, my hubby is in the operating room having his circumcision done. He’s been super grumpy and nervous. And to top it all off: HE’S GOT A MAN COLD! Please someone help me!

The surgeon told him he will enjoy it so much better once it’s done. I hope he’s right.

My husband’s story is an example of why I think families need to be open, honest and comfortable with each other.

If it wasn’t for my Mom and our family’s willingness to share, I never would have discovered the possible the connection between my husband’s condition and our fertility issues. She asked if my husband was circumcised as she remember her brother had gone through a similar situation. My Uncle ended up getting circumcised in his early 30s after his wife and him tried for almost 10 years to conceive their second child. I immediately booked an appointment with our family doctor to get her opinion. Alright, I actually Googled it first. Who wouldn’t? After a referral to a urologist, then a general surgeon, here we are today.

During our consult, the surgeon had asked us if my husband had any history of infections, he said no. When I told my mother-in-law about his pending surgery,  I learned that he most likely developed his Phimosis from reoccurring foreskin infections when he was a child. She remembered him having his last one when he was about 8 years old. My husband didn’t remember any of this.

It was hard learning that this was not something he was born with. His condition should have been dealt with when he was much younger. I felt stupid for not realizing he had a condition earlier on. I felt naive for believing him when he told me it wasn’t an issue.

Right now, my opinion has changed. I’m happy we got the surgery as it will prevent any future issues or infections, but I’m unsure that my husband’s condition is DIRECTLY related to our (in)fertility. As we are “unexplained”, the doctors thought IUI would be a good solution until he had surgery. Since the failed IUIs, I’m beginning to think there has to be another factor influencing why we haven’t conceived.

While my hubby recovers, we’re on a break. I booked a meeting with our RE on March 3rd to discuss next steps. I’m going to request a Hysteroscopy. I need validation that there is nothing hiding in or around my uterus that may be preventing implantation. I’m willing to try one more IUI, but I’d really like to get on the IVF waitlist.

This month is reserved for down time and decision making. I honestly think I’m most excited to NOT be on the crazy meds. 

Side note: GO CANADA GO! We’ve taped the Men’s Olympic Hockey game so my hubs can watch it when we get home. 🙂




15 thoughts on “Surgery Day: openness, relaxation and big decisions

  1. WOW, I’ve never heard of this before. Maybe this surgery will give you guys a leg up moving forward? Trust me, I know 2 IUI’s feels like a lot, but think about it like this: if that was your main cause of problems then the IUI more than likely just equalized your chances, but even a “healthy” couple only has a 20% chance of conceiving each month, so maybe it will just take a few more? Idk if that’s helpful at all for you, but it is to me when I think about it. I’m all about the numbers! I hope your husband recovers quickly and easily from his surgery and his man cold, men are such babies when they’re sick…..makes me realize why we’re the ones who get pregnant! Enjoy your break, I hope it’s good for you and you don’t stress too much about “losing time”.


    • Yeah its a bizarre situation. There is a chance the good sperm were getting trapped and maybe the velocity of how they were coming out was limited. It’s kinda weird to explain. Anyway, I’m open to the concept of trying a few more IUIs. I just hate being on the drugs. So this break is stress-free because I’m drug-free! Haha


    • And there really isn’t much online about it and it’s relation to fertility. It’s listed as a thing to check for with male infertility but it seems like most guys would have dealt with it outside of infertility. My husband was just embarrassed and to be honest, I haven’t had much experience with uncircumcised before. I’m done rambling now. 🙂


  2. You know, this made me think of one of my guy friends who should maybe look into this as a reason for his infertility. So thanks for sharing! Hope hubs is thrilled with tge results of his surgery. And I’m also celebrating being off the whoremones! I feel a million times better than I have in 6+ months since I started medicated cycles! XOXO


    • Surprisingly he’s doing well. Just tender, not much pain. Hasn’t even popped a T3 since we got home. He needs some help changing the outer dressing but the main one stays on for 48 hours. I’m impressed so far. Barely any man bitchin hahaha


  3. I agree with Jen, I think it’s still totally possible that his condition is the reason for your difficulty getting pregnant. If all the natural cycles prior weren’t working because of the phimosis, then two IUI’s not working wouldn’t really indicate infertility. I have lots of hope for you that there’s a baby in the near future!


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