Infertility and TTC: It’s Not Worth Losing Your Marriage

Kate nailed it with this post – a great read about how to build your marriage while facing infertility. Check it out!

a hundred affections

image Infertility is hard. Really hard. If we let it, it can break our hearts.

And our marriages.

In addition to the thousand other things no one talks about related to this secret tragedy, add to the list its effects on marriage .

Dealing with infertility can wreak havoc on your emotions, your body, your mental stability, your friendships. And yes, on your marriage.

First of all, very few go into marriage thinking that starting a family will be a problem. We just don’t talk about that or prepare people for that (Pet peeve #1). Second, once we realize there might be some infertility issues, we don’t think that it will drive us apart instead of pull us together.

But sometimes, that is exactly what happens. For lots of reasons. Men and women process these kinds of things soooo differently – and communication between men and women can be tough even…

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