A Family Day campaign for public funding of fertility treatments

CD 25. 12 DPIUI.

AND… another BFN. *whomp, whomp, whomp* 

This is what a failed 2nd attempt at IUI looks like: (11 DPIUI – BFN, 12 DPIUI – BFN)


I thank all of you optimists who keep telling me I’m not out of the game until CD 14 and my beta. I truly appreciate your hopeful optimism. But, I can’t jump back on that train because I’ve already spent my long weekend in meltdown mode.

I tend to clean and organize when I’m mad or frustrated. Yesterday, I cleaned out my linen closet and my bathroom cabinets. While in the bathroom, I discovered a whole pack of internet cheapies, 2 ClearBlues, and 1 FRER! This is a huge score! I had no clue I had that many tests hiding on me… makes me wonder if my hubby purposely hid them to prevent me from feeding my POAS addiction? Naw… that’s giving him WAY too much credit. After our fertility budget convos this weekend, I am more than happy to find out I don’t need to blow more $ on tests for our next cycle.

Today is Family Day in most Canadian provinces. Many infertility organizations, including our local org Infertility Saskatchewan and Ontario’s Conceivable Dreams, were campaigning via social media to draw attention to the need for the public funding of fertility treatments.

A friend of mine (who is also going through treatment at the same clinic) sent me a message with a link to our local news story: Sask. group makes Family Day push for IVF funding.

This story ignited a passion in me. I immediately posted the following on Facebook:


I truly believe that more fertiles need to be aware of what us (in)fertiles are going through.

I am willing to be vocal. I want my story to help other couples going through infertility now and in the future. I want my voice to help draw attention to the positives that could come from public funding for fertility treatments.

I don’t expect to receive public funding anytime soon. Let’s be realistic here. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someday someone out there had less stress while trying to conceive because they were eligible to receive public funding for their fertility treatments? I’d love to receive this support right now for myself, but since I can’t, I’d like to know I was part of the process to get there.

Whether you are Canadian or not, see if there’s a local organization you can support. We’re all in this and together, we can make a difference.


10 thoughts on “A Family Day campaign for public funding of fertility treatments

  1. Those ovulation and pregnancy tests add up over the years! Glad you found your batch 😉 But I hope you won’t have to use them that much longer. I think infertility should be fully funded. It’s not something we’ve inflicted on ourselves. It’s not like infertility in itself isn’t stressful enough but the conflicts it can cause within relationships due to financial strains is tremendous. I hope that in the future it’ll be fully funded!


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