The verdict is in

CD 24. 11 DPIUI


Not even a squinter and I even used a FRER!


Im out of tests, so I’m just going to wait for my Beta on Wednesday.


17 thoughts on “The verdict is in

      • Well that’s good. I really thought this was it for me. I SWEAR I had implantation cramping at 8DPIUI. I mean I had maternity clothes in my online shopping cart and everything. It was bad this month for me. Then to top it off, we’re visiting my sister and her family this weekend (until Tuesday) and she’s 24 months pregnant with her third kid (and she has 2 step children). I know this is terrible but I resent her belly right now.


        • I get it. My sister in law is due in 8 weeks. Stay off the computer! Haha I surprisingly have been strong enough to keep myself away from the maternity/baby shopping for a few months. But I did window browse the other day. It’s hard not to want it. One day… I just keep telling myself that.


  1. Boo! I know where on the same schedule, but I’m out of town so I don’t have any tests (and I JUST tested my trigger out so I’d be scared it was a false positive), but I am expecting to get some spotting tomorrow, which would be typical. Sorry this cycle wasn’t the one 😦


  2. This is not what I wanted to see 😦 I’m so sorry your second IUI didn’t work. I was so hoping it would…ughh…that’s so frustrating! I wish I knew what to tell you that you haven’t heard already…I’m sorry….sending you many many hugs!


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