Progress requires patience

CD 21. 8dpiui.

My trip to Winnipeg was a nice break during the dreaded 2ww. I had 3 busy days focused on my work. I went out for an always enjoyable supper with my team. I visited with my hubby’s cousin and his partner. Now, I’m on my way home now –  in fact,  I’m writing this on the plane. Oh the joys of modern technology.

Going home means going back to the reality of everything fertility – related. But for once,  I don’t feel anxious about this waiting period. I have no desire to test until Monday at the earliest.

I also have ZERO symptoms. Since I’m on progesterone,  I’ve got the usual hot flashes,  but that’s about it. No implantation bleeding. My boobs aren’t sore like last month. No cramps yet. Each time I post a symptom list,  I feel like my situation changes the second I hit Publish.

Deep down,  I hope that the lack of symptoms means that something positive is going on in my uterus.

Only a few more days until we know…

We also received some major news yesterday. My husband got called for his circumcision surgery. It’s about fucking time. We only waited almost 6 months when they said 2-3.

What does this mean for us?

If our 2nd IUI is a success, we will finally be pregnant AND my hubby will have his required surgery to correct his phimosis condition. Sweet!  Double whammy!  Things couldn’t be better!

If we aren’t pregnant,  I’ll take my hubby for his surgery next Friday and try my best to take care of him. He has a week off work to recover. Full recovery is estimated at 6-8 weeks which means I need a load of patience and…

We would take a break. No IUI #3. The hubs needs to heal.

I’m not upset by the situation. I actually think it’s a blessing that it’s finally happening. I have some other thoughts about our plan,  but I don’t want to go there until we find out the status of this cycle.

Wish me luck and lots of baby dust. I’m praying for my double miracle.


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