The uneventful 2ww

CD 17. 5dpiui.

On Friday, I was excited about how well I was handling this 2ww… then I realized it was only 2dpiui. Oh fuck… Another 12 days to go.

This cycle I have less side effects from the HCG trigger and the progesterone, so far.

Except this weekend I was absolutely EXHAUSTED! I am not a nap person,  but this weekend I slept for 2.5-3 hours each afternoon on top of a good 10+ hours of sleep each night.

I just went with the flow and honored what my body was asking of me. I’ve got a 6:20am flight to Winnipeg tomorrow,  so I took advantage of the sleep while I could. Tomorrow is going to be a loooong day

So, that’s my uneventful 2ww so far.  9 days til Beta…


12 thoughts on “The uneventful 2ww

  1. Lmao, I always love your really raw & honest posts! Sorry you’re having a hard time now, lol. I hear ya on the being tired, I think this process just takes a lot out of you! Good luck with your flight, hope you’re able to get some rest!


  2. Well, you sure needed those naps! I’m glad you have less side effects this cycle! Hang in there…I hated the second part of the 2ww…just don’t poas…waiting anxiously for your beta day 🙂


      • No, I didn’t…but trust me I was so tempted. But, I thought to myself that I’ve done the bfn so often I just didn’t need another one. Plus I didn’t want to know in case I had a bfn and still needed to do the blood pregnancy test…that wouldn’t have been the best feeling in the world either. But, I could understand if you were to test. You should go for 13 dpiui though since 12 dpiui could still give you a false negative.


  3. Oi, rough stuff. I haven’t even been able to test out my trigger yet (7dp trigger and still a faint pos) so I think that’s the only reason I haven’t started obsessing. Once I know I could get a real result I will prob start watching the clock. Good luck!


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