IUI #2: observations from a fertility clinic waiting room

CD 13. IUI#2 = complete.

We decided to make the drive to Saskatoon this morning since our appointment wasn’t until 11a.m.  We wanted to get a good night’s sleep in our own bed and save the cost of a hotel room. 

This morning started off fairly uneventful. The weather was perfect but fucking freezing cold for driving. I brought a pillow and a blanket along for the ride. I fell asleep not even 15 minutes outside of Regina and didn’t wake up until 2 hours later when we reached Saskatoon. Score! Extra sleep is always appreciated even if it’s in a vehicle. 

When we opened the door to enter the clinic, the first thing I noticed was a pair of little boy’s winter boots. I said out loud to my hubby, “Who the hell brings their kid to a fertility clinic?”. The mother just happened to be watching me and MAY have heard me. Me and my big mouth. Oops :S Come on Lindsey! Don’t judge the situation. Maybe her sitter cancelled or he isn’t in daycare until the afternoon? 

I decided to make the best of the it and gave the little guy a big smile as I sat down across from him. At this point, I figured he was about 4 or 5 years old. I truly do love children (obviously or I wouldn’t be putting myself through all this to have my own), but I did think it was bizarre to bring him to a fertility clinic.

While waiting for my hubby to be called, another couple walked in and attempted to find a seat. This next part just broke my heart. They were both larger bodied individuals and the husband could not fit in the waiting room chairs! He tried but ended up sitting on a bench underneath the TV . He made the best of it and just shrugged at his wife as he moved across the room from her. You would think a fertility clinic would know by now that people come in all shapes and sizes. This experience just shocked me. I felt so bad for them. It’s bad enough that you have to be at the clinic in the first place, but now they couldn’t even sit together because our clinic truly does have smaller chairs. *head shake*

After my hubs got called in, I learned that the little boys’s parents were indeed there to conceive another child and that the father was an arrogant ass. He tried to entertain his son by letting him play games on his cell phone while bitching about how long it was taking for their appointment. Ok buddie – ease off. I’m guessing you are only here for a consult today. The doctor is clearly trying to help get someone else pregnant right now. Wait your turn! I think his negativity affected me so strongly, because I was truly trying to be as calm and relaxed as possible. My piece of advice to that father for next time is: maybe the time will go by faster if you play with, or at least, talk to your son! /endrant

When my hubby was done, we grabbed a pita for lunch. Then, I did my fertility meditation in the truck before we went back in for our IUI appointment. This time the waiting room was empty. Ah, this is better. 

We got the same nurse as last time. She felt bad as she didn’t recognize us, but in all honestly, I didn’t recognize her at first either. We both laughed about it.

This time, I felt so much more prepared. I was relaxed. I was focused on my breathing (as I truly think I held my breath the entire time for IUI#1). I was visualizing the sperm entering my plush, moist, warm uterus and swimming up to meet my ripe egg. The cramping wasn’t as bad. The procedure seemed to be over faster. This is much better! 

Our RE was off this afternoon, so we got to meet with the other RE at the clinic. She was running behind and we ended up waiting about 45 minutes after the procedure to see her. My hubby and I both thought she wasn’t as clear as our usual RE. We aren’t sure exactly what his counts were. Was that pre or post wash counts? I thought she said 7 mil? You thought she said 70? Well that’s a HUGE difference?!?! Ughh… we dunno? The one thing that was clear is that his motility went down from 82% to 70%. She said his counts were still in average range and enough to get us pregnant. Alright. Whatever. Not worth stressing over. Good enough… for now. 

Initially when we left, I gave my husband a bit of a nag-fest. “I told you that drinking binge you went on 3 weekends ago would affect things! I told you to eat more vegetables! Were you taking your vitamins?” I quickly realized: it’s not worth it. I apologized and told him that I just need him to be fully committed until we get that BFP. Last time, he seemed so confident that I think he slacked a bit. Oh well. We are still in the game. 

I cozied up in the truck and turned my meditation on again. I woke up after another 1.5 hour nap. Whoa. Talk about sleep much? It felt like I had just laid my head down. Obviously, my mind and body needed it. 

Tonight,  I’ve had some minor cramping on and off, but it’s much less than the last time. I’m feeling pretty good until I start my progesterone suppositories again tomorrow. Oh yeah! 

Our Beta is scheduled for February 19th. I’ve got a good feeling this time.

Here’s to  a quick and easy 2ww!


23 thoughts on “IUI #2: observations from a fertility clinic waiting room

  1. Aren’t those waiting rooms interesting? …although I’ve never encountered a kid there before…that’s a bit strange. Glad it all went smoothly! And I, too, have given my hubby a lecture or two about whether he has taken his vitamins and so forth 😉 I’m so hoping for you both that this is it and that the 2ww will fly by!


  2. We were at the 7 mil mark this time too. I know what you mean about your nag fest, it’s easy to do…..but I don’t know how much of a difference those outside things really have. I honestly just don’t know. And if the shoe were on the other foot and you were the one with the “issues” you wouldn’t want him giving you a hard time either. Trust me, it’s a lot easier saying this than practicing it myself. I constantly “nag” (I HATE THAT WORD) my husband to take his vitamins at night and little stuff. It’s tough! Good luck with your wait! I’m here for you if you need me 🙂


  3. I’ve sat opposite a small child in the waiting room as well. Was trying hard not to think mean thoughts about it all but I failed… I mean seriously, who thinks that’s appropriate?! Have everything crossed for you x.


  4. Oh man, my heart breaks for the couple that couldn’t fit into seats together. The one thing you do need through all of this is your partner next to you!! I’m completely speechless to the dad with the child. So sad. Yes, I always would see children at my fertility acupuncturist. I thought it was like rubbing salt into my wounds. You know, 7mil or 70mil… at the end the day, you only need 1 strong swimmer that can borough through that eggie!! My husband’s motility dipped a bit this IUI, but at the end of the day I figure, there is no other sperm I would rather have. If it’s God’s plan this time.. it will happen regardless. Welcome to the TWW!!! Good luck!!


  5. I’m glad it went so well. And kudos to you for catching yourself mid-nag. I know how hard it is. It seems like we women do ALL the hard work with the tests, treatments, monitoring, and weird diets, and the only thing we ask our men to do is be healthy. Even though my husband had good numbers, it took all my energy NOT to nag him about the gallons of Diet Coke, lack of vegetables in his diet, and sporadic vitamin taking.


  6. I am hoping this is just the beginning of the new baby story! It’s interesting there was a child there though, mostly cause there was a lady with 3 children at our RE. Very weird. And I feel for that couple. Such a dumpy seating arrangement. But, chica, I am so pulling for you guys on this one!!


  7. Loved thi – thank yor sharing – due to start IUI soon (still got another 7lbs to lose before i get to have it done – you would think this was easy but after losing 2 and a half stone the last 7lbs just will not shift!!) Anyways i love the part about the waitingroom conversations in your head, i do it all the time and dont know if i would be brave enough to share what i’m thinking haha! Good luck i really hope your feeling is right…sending you lots of luck from scotland x


  8. There was someone who had a child about 3 years old in our clinic once. I know that our clinic specifically says not to bring children. The first reason they give is that they want you to be fully engaged in your appointment, then they pointed out the obvious; that it’s hard for people struggling with infertility to be around children, especially the day of an appointment. If both parents were there, one could have taken the kid out into another part of the building outside the clinic.


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