I called my clinic back this morning at 9:30am. Left another message on the nurses line. 

At 10:30 am, I received a call back that yes, my blood work was negative. Epic fail. 

My intuition was right AGAIN this cycle.

I spoke with the nurse about why I never received a call yesterday. She’s not sure. Are you fucking kidding me? I told her I left a voicemail in the afternoon yesterday. She thinks somehow it got lost in the mix of things. Since they didn’t receive my voicemail, they didn’t check to see if my results were in and therefore, didn’t call. She apologized. 

Right after I hung up, another nurse from the same clinic called to ensure I had received a call back. Fuck do you people have any clue what’s going on there? 

I’m not feeling very confident in our clinic. This is the second fuck up with them. We’ve decided we will do 1, maybe 2 more IUIs. If we have to move to IVF, we are going to consider going to another clinic (meaning: flying to another clinic since the one we are dealing with is the only semi-local one). 

I took my last progesterone suppository last night. I’ve had some cramping, but no spotting and no period yet. What’s the average wait for a period after progesterone? 


27 thoughts on “IUI #1 = FAIL

  1. I’m so sorry you had to deal with all of that extra drama! Then to get another call after you called in…so frustrating!

    For me, after stopping my progesterone suppositories after my first failed IUI my period showed up 3 days later. I hope you get your soon so you can move onto the next cycle. Will you start another cycle right away?


  2. 😦 Sorry about the definite BFN! That really sucks and your clinic sucks, too! You must be living very remote if you have to fly to a potentially better clinic. Unfortunately, I can’t give you answer to your progesterone question, but since you have had some cramping already I’m sure AF won’t be far off.


    • I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Unfortunately, we don’t have any fertility clinics in our city. Our clinic is located in Saskatoon – a 2.5 hour drive. It’s common for women from here to go to Calgary, Alberta for IVF, but the Victoria, BC clinic is also getting rave reviews lately. We would consider using one of them for IVF, but we’ll stay in Saskatoon for IUI.


      • Wow…that’s a hell of a drive. I bet that makes this whole process so much more fun…NOT! How do you it? You are some strong and determined woman! But, I bet it’s beautiful where you live! I agree with you that I would stick with your current clinic for the IUIs, but change to a different one for IVF.


          • I’ve been to Ontario for like 4 weeks a few years ago and loved it! I still have a friend who’s a farmer living there (he’s also from Germany like me). I wouldn’t mind living where you are either 😉


  3. 😦 I think you’re making the right choice here. If you’re not feeling confident in your clinic that’s added stress. You really don’t need that. Hopefully though you get a BFP before you have to switch. So sorry.. I know it’s tough.


  4. Hey lady, that sucks 😦 I don’t blame you for wanting to seek out a different clinic. I have to ask: are IUI’s and IVF covered by insurance in Canada? I would happily do IVF if we fail IUI’s, but it’ll be SO expensive that I don’t even want to think about it right now. I usually (after a BFN) stop progesterone at 12-13dpo, and get my menses 24-48hrs later (so, right on time). *hugs* XO


    • I wish it was all covered!!! Luckily, all of the testing and monitoring is covered by your provincial health: HSG tests, semen analysis, ultrasounds, etc. I am fortunate enough to have 90% drug coverage through my work benefits and so far, I think fertility drugs are unlimited (but I may be wrong). At our clinic, the IUI costs $350/time (not including gas, hotel and day off work for us). IVF ranges between 7000-12000 depending on what variation you go with and what your clinic charges. I’ve heard that IUI is closer to $900/time in my home province of Ontario. So, that makes me think that 2.5 hour drive to the clinic is worth it to only pay $350/IUI. We are lucky to have better health coverage in Canada. The province of Quebec was the first to cover IVF, but none of the other provinces do yet.


      • Gotcha, yeah then you’re paying about the same as we do for IUI’s right now. And IVF would pretty much be the same. I thought everything was free in Canada and everybody there was rich! “Grass is always greener…” Lol. But seriously I hope you find practitioners that you like. XO


        • I wish! Haha Thanks. It’s not that I don’t like the doctor, I just feel like I need more organization and reassurance than that clinic offers. Who knows? I’m going to ask a few questions on my CD1. I want more ultrasounds first off.


  5. I am so sorry. I totally KNOW how bummed it feels to get the BFN for your 1st IUI. At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable with your doctor and clinic. Yes, after you stop the progesterone your menses should start in 2-3 days. Good luck on IUI #2. I’m with you and slowly in this 2nd IUI cycle…. xo


  6. I’m sorry. It sucks a little more every time I have to hear those words. When/if you’re ready, I can recommend an AWESOME RE in Las Vegas. You can do a skype consult with them to see if you jive too. Take it easy. Keep your chin up.


  7. Boo, sorry to hear about your BFN. So far I am fairly happy with the clinic in Edmonton but IUI’s seem a lot more straightforward than IVF so if I get to that point we’ll see what I think of them then.


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