In beta limbo

14dpIUI. Beta test day.

I got my beta blood work done at 9am this morning.


I never got the phone call!!!!

I called my clinic at 2:30pm and left a voicemail. Called again after 4pm and they were closed.

I just took my last dose of progesterone suppositories.

I never POAS this morning because I figured I’d save a test and wait for the beta results. I’m still feeling out, but I was really looking for the confirmation today.

They better call first thing in the morning!!!!

15 thoughts on “In beta limbo

  1. That’s awful! You would think they’d know how important these tests are for women…I’m sorry they are letting you hanging 😦 Maybe you are still in? I’m really hoping so!


  2. WTH?!? You are right – they better call you first thing in the morning. You would think they would take extra steps and precautions to not torture their patients! Hoping for the best – always!


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