Infertility: The longest journey

13dpiui. Bfn after Bfn. 1 day til Beta.

Although this 2ww started out as never-ending, the past few days have flown by. I’m ready for an answer. Either way, I’m ready to move forward.

Tonight,  my best friend sent me an article to read. It was beyond comforting to know that she wanted to share it with me. She isn’t ready for kids of her own yet, but it’s nice to know that she’s always there for me on my journey.

The following story is one we all can relate to.

Beautifully written by Jocelyn Bell – Infertility: The longest journey.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


4 thoughts on “Infertility: The longest journey

  1. 😦 Stupid BFN! I was so hoping that you would get a BFP…but not all is lost…the Beta might still say something else…keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing the article. I actually read through all of it. I’m hoping we’ll be getting our happy end eventually, too!


  2. O no! 😦 I’m sorry!!! Gosh, this road sucks. I’m thinking of you and praying for you to continue to stay strong and keep your chin up! Thanks for sharing the article! I cant wait to check it out!!!


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