10 Things to Never Say to a Couple TTC

Jena over at Someday Mama has got it right: 10 Things to Never Say to a Couple TCC.
Please like, share, subscribe. Let’s help Jena make this go viral because I think EVERY FERTILE needs to watch this video.
Then hopefully, us (in)fertiles will be faced with a few less awkward convos.

Someday Mama

Ok. So let’s chat shall we? I wanna go over some things to avoid saying to someone struggling with infertility. With the percentage of infertility on the rise, more and more couples are faced with it, so chances are you know someone going through this. Here are some things to avoid when wanting to be supportive:
1. Complaining about pregnancy.
2. Complaining about your kids. (Pretty much complaining about anything)
3. Giving advice. Any and all advice. Just don’t do it.
4. Saying “It’s all in God’s timing and you just need to have more faith.” I know this, better than anyone. But I also know that I have to do my part too, then accept the will of the Lord.
5. Asking why I don’t have kids yet before I even know your first name.
6. “Why don’t you just adopt?” First of all, theres nothing “just” about it…

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