1 DPIUI: progesterone & pineapple


Progesterone Day 1. 

Today was fairly uneventful. I woke up feeling better than yesterday, not as bloated and crampy. 

I started my progesterone suppositories – 2 pills vaginally 2x daily. I only have one day to speak for, but so far no complaints. It’s not as gross as everyone says, but this is coming from a persistent cervical mucus checker. I’m used to sticking a finger or two up there to see what’s going on. I decided to leave that alone this cycle. No checking whatsoever. 

I also decided to try a pineapple to help implantation. I picked one up at Costco yesterday when I grabbed my progesterone prescription.


Pineapple and progesterone

On With Great Expectation, I read the post, Three days post transfer plus what’s the deal with pineapple?, where she explains how to prepare your pineapple. My hubby cut it up for me as a pre-supper snack.  Yes, my husband is baby-ing me beyond belief. He wouldn’t let me do ANYTHING tonight. The plan is to eat 1 piece everyday for 5 days including the core. Not such a bad deal. Pineapple is yummy!

I’m feeling great. Not stressed. Not worried. No symptom-checking like an insane woman because clearly that’s insane, it’s only 1DPIUI. 

I keep trying to use positive visualizations. Sperm meet Egg. Egg meet Sperm. Now, you will be getting to know each other really well. My uterus is soft, cushy, sticky, perfect for implantation. BFP, BFP, BFP. 

Either way, this month has already resulted in a few positives:

  • We got some good news with hubby’s counts
  • We made it through two cycles of Clomid craziness
  • I gave myself my first shot ever
  • We know what to expect if we have to go to the clinic again for Round 2

To make the 2ww go by faster, I broke down into key milestones or events I’m looking forward to: 

  • Thurs Jan 9 – Acupuncture! 
  • Fri Jan 10 – attending the BE-Loved Body Empowerment True Colours Gala. This intuitive art show and gala supports promoting a positive body image for all women. This is something I can totally relate to. (In)fertility has NOT made me feel sexy. 
  • Sat Jan 11 – The wonderful woman who is repainting my washstand is coming by to drop off the end tables and help me pick a colour! OHHHH exciting! 
  • Thurs Jan 16 – My sister and her boyfriend are coming from Fort McMurray for a visit. 
  • Fri Jan 17 – We are all attending a Neil Young and Dianna Krall concert
  • Sat Jan 18 – SPA day with my sister! Much needed. I’ve been wearing fuzzy socks all the time to keep my feet warm, but my toes are currently missing their standard polish. 
  • Mon Jan 19 – My sister and her man leave 😦 
  • Tues Jan 21 – BLOOD TEST! 

I’ve got lots to look forward to, but I hope can keep my mind busy on the in between days. 🙂 



21 thoughts on “1 DPIUI: progesterone & pineapple

  1. Pineapple, huh? I guess I’ll be buying that, too 😉 You sure got your schedule down 😉 It’s good to stay busy during the 2ww…I don’t have much distraction here so I better go and buy more yarn! I’ve had to take those progesterone pills before, too, and aren’t they little slippery suckers? If everything goes well with this IUI cycle I’ll have the same progesterone regimen as you. Those pills suck, but the progesterone injections are worse. I had to do those before and I lasted 5 days before I fainted once giving myself a shot…so…bring on those pills anytime 😉


  2. Dear heavens, a good pineapple sounds amazing! That schedule sounds brilliant and fun and I am more than a little jealous! I am seriously hoping the next couple weeks goes by crazy fast! Thinking of you, lady!


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