IUI #1 – we did it!

CD 14. IUI #1 is done.

Our hotel stay last night was slightly awkward. I laid on one queen bed on my laptop, while my husband laid in the other watching a Netflixmovie on the tablet. It felt like we barely said a word to each other all night. Although he tends to retreat inwards when he’s upset, I very much am a talker. His silence was getting to me, but really what did we have to talk about? We both knew there wasn’t much to say until after this morning.

We got to the clinic just before 9 am and filled out our paperwork. They called my hubby in to give his sample and I was left alone in the waiting room. My mind was racing with all of the potentially bad things that could go wrong: What if he can’t do it? What if he drops it? What if the sample numbers are bad? What if…

I felt like crying.

Instead, I turned to my biggest comfort: the blogs. I kept hitting refresh on my WordPress app until a new post from Maeussle showed up. Thank you! You have no clue how much you helped me regain control from a potential breakdown this morning. I was reminded that online I am never alone. 🙂

After 10 minutes that seemed like an hour, my hubby came back out and we were free to go until my appointment at 10:30 am. 

The office was much busier when we got back. It turns out (in)fertile women are much friendlier than the pregos I commonly run into while being monitored at the ob/gyn office. Eye contact was made and I even got a few smiles from other nervous patients like me. She smiled! She gets it! Oh, I could hug you right now if we weren’t entirely strangers! Maybe next time I will have enough courage to strike up a convo.

They called us in to meet our RE. She was very nice while she went over our history and the game plan. I spoke to her about my persistent pre-period spotting and she agreed to put me on progesterone. Whohoo! Every (in)fertile’s dream! Fuck. I’ve been avoiding buying feminine products in the hopes of getting pregnant. Guess this means I’ll be needing to stock up on panty liners. 

We moved from the RE’s office to the procedure room. The nurse was very sweet, except my cervix didn’t get along with her. She had to try a few times to get the catheter in. I cursed in my head, reminding myself that she was doing the best she could.

It was over before we knew it. The nurse instructed me to stay lying down and that the doctor would come by with our sperm count and blood requisition.

The doctor said she was impressed with our sperm count as it was above average.

Total count: 60 million
Motility: 82%

My husband literally high-fived me while I was still laying on the table. He was ecstatic.

I was relieved. *whew* Cross another worry off the list. I guess those vitamins, supplements, healthy eating and instructions for him to not have any alcohol the week before IUI are paying off. 

Above average sperm count + Clomid + Trigger = Potential BFP?!?! *fingers-crossed*

My goals for this 2WW are to:

  • Stay optimistic, yet realistic
  • Keep my stress levels to a minimal – as instructed by the doctor, the nurse and my husband
  • Listen to my intuition. I truly am only going to do what I want and what my body needs.
  • Not POAS too early

I take the progesterone starting tomorrow until January 21 when I go for the blood test.

Until then, here’s hoping.


13 thoughts on “IUI #1 – we did it!

  1. Yay for IUI#1! Sounds like this could be a really good shot at success…your husbands sperm sound amazing….82% motility…wow! The catheter part I could do without for sure 😦 Now all you can do is keep yourself busy, busy, busy and do the things that make you happy and keep telling yourself “whatever will happen will happen – either way”…obviously, I’m rooting for a BFP 🙂


  2. Yay! One (and hopefully only) on the books. It must be a pain that it’s like a two day affair for you, go down the day before so you don’t even get to try and be comfortable and not anxious in the comfort of your own home, sleep in a strange place and have no where to focus all of your nervous energies. Good luck to you! Oh and if there is a next time (fingers crossed not) try and have a full-ish bladder. Helps the nurse visual the cervix, or so I was told. I really had to pee before my IUI and the nurse asked me not to, or if I had to not to entirely empty my bladder. I chose the latter so I didn’t pee on her hand lol.


    • Good advice. I peed right before. Ya she totally had to adjust the speculum and try a few times. Not overly comfortable. As for the drive up, I’m sure it would be easier in the summer when the roads aren’t bad and we wouldn’t have to get a hotel room, but I ain’t waiting that long. BFP is coming before then! Haha


  3. Hi I’m new here! Just wanted to wish you good luck with everything! We’re working towards our 2nd IUI sometime in the next week, so I can totally relate. Here’s to hoping for good news 🙂


  4. Sounds like everything went great! Excellent numbers, go hubby!! Just a tip, in case you’ve never had to take the progesterone…..I got really constipated while on it, I recommend a gentle stool softer like Colace or daily prune juice to help prevent the terrible constipation!! Good luck with your wait, this is always the hardest part!


  5. Lots and lots of lucky baby dust coming your way. My counselor and her husband tried to get pregnant for over a year with and without Clomid. They finally resorted to getting an IUI, and with the use of Clomid and the trigger shot they got pregnant the first and only IUI. Good luck. What where your follies like?


    • 2 days before trigger, I had a 15 and a 12. We didn’t do another ultrasound before I triggered, so I can only hope that the 15 was big and healthy. I really do wish they would monitor more often, but we will see how things go. They had everything timed out so that IUI fell on the same cycle day as when I ovulated naturally last month (CD 14).


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