3 days til IUI… let’s redecorate!

CD 11.

2 days since last Clomid dose.

1 day til HCG injectible.

3 days til IUI #1.

Yesterday, I had my first follicle monitoring ultrasound for this cycle. Since my specialist is on vacation, I was sent to a radiology clinic for my scan. Hmmm, I don’t mind this waiting room at all. Possibly only 1 prego lady. The rest are all oldies. 

The highlight of my wait was watching a gentle old man sway back and forth while tapping his toe to the oldies on the radio. When his wife was ready to leave, he tried to do a little dance with her as he helped her put her coat on. I hope my hubby and I are like that when we get old. 

The ultrasound tech asked if is was my first time. I just laughed. I wish! 

Everything went smoothly, but this appointment took longer as the schedule was a half hour behind and they make you wait until the radiologist reviews the scans before you can leave. They don’t give you any details, so I was stuck waiting until my clinic called that afternoon.

My largest follicle is currently a 14.5 on the right side. The nurse said to do my HCG shot at 11 pm on Sunday night. IUI is scheduled for Tuesday morning. My hubby goes in at 9 am to do his business. They will take me in around 10:30 am.

Since New Year’s Day, I’ve been on a cleaning/redecorating frenzy. I took down the Christmas tree. I scrubbed the floors. I reorganized my bedroom closet and dresser drawers. I added new decor to our fireplace mantle. I moved a recliner chair from our main floor living room to our basement.  I stared at the spot where the chair once was and decided that I HATE our upstairs living room. It’s dark. It’s too masculine. It’s time to redecorate.

I found a pair of refinished end tables on Kijiji – lightly distressed white with bronze handles.


The woman who is selling the tables is going to refinish an antique washstand  for me. The wash stand will go in the living room where the chair once was. Now, I’m trying to decide on colours. The living room will be painted a greige colour. We have dark brown couches, white end tables and I want the washstand to be that pop of colour. To Pinterest I go… 

The washstand originally came with the antique dresser I purchased in the summer for the baby room. I’ve removed the hanger part from the washstand and I don’t plan on putting it back on. I started refinishing the dresser myself, but I’m left with a sanded down, unpainted dresser. I’ve also removed the mirror, but I’m not sure whether I will use it or not.


The plan is to use the dresser as a change table. I can’t choose a colour until we get pregnant and find out the baby’s gender. Decorating a nursery is one of the things I am MOST looking forward to. 

My girlfriends were laughing at me the other night. They said I’m nestingHow is nesting possible? Am I pre-prego nesting? Is that even a thing? I guess it’s a good thing that I’m getting the house ready as I probably won’t have time to do it when we do get pregnant. Plus, it keeps my mind off everything fertility-related.

I love decorating. This is a nice distraction.

What do you do to keep your mind off everything?

4 thoughts on “3 days til IUI… let’s redecorate!

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