7 secrets of a Clomid-crazed woman

  1. I will never have empathy for your morning sickness if you happened to conceive the first month trying. Sorry sister-in-law. Try fertility drugs, then we can compare.
  2. I leave my pants undone on days when i’m bloated from Clomid – like today!
  3. Having a poop is the highlight of my day after being Clomid constipated. Today was extra special. I pooped twice. 🙂
  4. Hot flashes are my favourite Clomid side effect since I live where it’s commonly -40 degrees Celsius in the winter. Winter? No problem! I drive to work with my coat unzipped and my windows open!
  5. My co-worker keeps leaving his binder on my desk. I threatened to throw it at him if I ever find it there again… My filter is gone. I am hormonal and definitely NOT joking. Alright, maybe a bit joking, but it was funny to watch his reaction. Yes, my two male co-workers know that I’m on Clomid. I sometimes think they are scared of me or maybe just the Clomid?
  6. I seriously asked my husband to “go down on me” so I could find out if my chunky, gross Clomid cervical mucus tastes differently than normal. He said NO WAY! Thanks for helping me get in the mood. It’s not like sex is uncomfortable or anything when my ovaries feel like the size of softballs. 
  7. Clomid gives me CRAZY dreams. Since drunk sleeps also = crazy dreams for me, I wonder what level of psychosis my Clomid-crazed sleep might get to if I down a bottle of wine? Keyword: wonder. I’m staying Clomid-sober except I might cave and have one glass when my sister comes to visit at the end of the month if I sense a looming BFN. If not, she can drink while we BFP celebrate!

7 thoughts on “7 secrets of a Clomid-crazed woman

  1. Ha gotta love Clomid! I realized this cycle that it was clomid makes me constipated. I didn’t really catch on to that the first cycle on it, but I’ve wised up this time and take stool softeners. Sorry, gross, but it helps. I didn’t have too much bloat last time, but holy smokes yesterday I wish someone would have just popped me with a pin! We are soooo fun to be around on drugs ha ha.


  2. Very funny! Clomid is rough but I pray it works for you cuz Femara + Bravelle + HCG trigger shot have been 100x worse for me than the Clomid–but I was only on 50mg Clomid and I didn’t use the trigger shot with it. The progesterone supplements (post IUI) give me awful nightmares and I wake up really early. The side effects from Clomid are worse than Femara for me–I don’t get hot flashes on Femara (but it still bloats me). XO


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