Like a kid waiting for Santa

15 DPO. CD 29. Christmas Day.

I was up at 5:50 am. Can you guess why? And no it wasn’t because I was excited to open Santa presents. 

I had to pee on another stick. Ok – two sticks. I did both a FRER and an internet cheapie.

Verdict: still BFN.

My body is wack!

Yesterday, I even jumped the gun and called in my CD1 only to realize a few hours later that my spotting was completely GONE?!?! Luckily, no one was there at the clinic. If today progresses equally as well, I’m going to call back first thing in the morning and actually ask for that blood test. Yes I know. My husband keeps telling me I should have gone Monday. I was still spotting that day. I was discouraged and lacking hope. Plus, I chickened out because I spoke with a different nurse. 

Anyway, yesterday morning I had cramps. Period-like cramps. So I decided to venture to the bathroom and check things out. I was spotting brown but decided to throw in my Diva Cup because cramps typically = oncoming period for me. I realized I put it in inside out (which is actually the right way, but I’m one of those randoms who finds it more comfortable to wear inside out). When I took it out to adjust, it there was a bit of red in the bottom. Ok perfect. Period is here. I was right. 

I got home last night at 7pm and took my cup out to empty it. Except there was barely anything in it? In fact, it contained mainly brown-tinted watery discharge?? Wtf? 

The night continued on and so did my cramps. I continuously made trips to the bathroom expecting to find Aunt Flo making her Christmas entrance. But, she never came and the spotting was completely gone.

So, I went to bed excited like a kid waiting for Santa Clause. Praying for a BFP to make my Christmas the most memorable of my life!

Still no BFP. But… I’m not out of the game yet.

I am so apprehensive about even posting this. I have gone to the bathroom twice to check if I’m spotting since I started writing.There is nothing shittier than the waiting game. I would just like to know either way. 

Could this just be a crazy cycle due to 1st round of Clomid? Or do you think I’m one of those people who will get their BFP at like 17DPO?

Updated: WOW! I should listen to my intuition more. Literally 10 minutes after posting this, I got the death cramps. Been keeled over on the couch with the heating pad for the past hour. Aunt Flo has arrived. Merry Christmas! And we move onto 2014… CD1. IUI #1. Clomid Round 2. 

7 thoughts on “Like a kid waiting for Santa

  1. Boo! Well, at least we can have an IUI cycle together…sorry, that’s obviously not what you wanted. I just hate it when you get tricked into thinking that you are pregnant and then it just turns out to be your AF 😦 You should definitely have a glass of wine!


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