All I want for Christmas is…

Preface: I know the second after I hit Publish Post, my period will probably start gushing. Because you know, that’s just how life goes… 

CD 26. 12 DPO. 3 days til Christmas.

A few years ago when we first started trying, I had a prego dream where I was hugely pregnant. Since then, I’ve had a few dreams about other people being pregnant, but none about myself.

Two nights ago, I had a BFP dream. 

I was sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for the results of my blood test.

I could hear the nurses out in the hallway saying, “Did you tell her yet? Did you tell her?”

My nurse responded with, “No, I’m going to right now.”

She entered the room, held up a pregnancy test and said, “Congratulations! You are pregnant. It’s positive!”. The test had a pink + sign on it.

I didn’t believe her at first. I asked her if she was sure that it was my results.

She told me again, “Yes, you are pregnant!”.

I started to smile and get excited… then I woke up.

Yes, I know. Consciously, this doesn’t make much sense. Did the nurse put my blood on the pregnancy test to get a + result? I dunno. It doesn’t matter. Point is: it was positive! 

Wow. WTF does this mean? 

Since the test in my dream looked like a First Response (except it did the + like a Clear Blue?), I decided to drive to Shopper’s Drug Mart and pick one up. I’ve been using internet cheapies lately to save some moo-lah. Curiosity always gets the best of me. I tend to test way too early. 8DPO = BFN, 10 DPO = BFN. 

I waited til this morning to test using the First Response and got another BIG FAT BFN! ugh FML again x1billion 

This leaves me at 12DPO = BFN.

Other symptoms include:

  • Minimal spotting – Mainly light brown. One red wipe again yesterday. Barely anything today. In fact, it’s almost gone away! Could this be a good sign? Stop it with the signs Lindsey! 
  • Barely-there bloat
  • Occasional hot flashes

Verdict: really not much of anything. It’s still technically early for Aunt Flo. These are the days I really wish I kept temping. 

Since I don’t have my period yet?, I realized my luteal phase isn’t going to be that short. *whew* Cross that off my crazy (in)fertile worry list.

The game plan for tomorrow is to call the fertility clinic and get that blood test requisition. The nurse told me I could do a blood test if I didn’t have my period by December 23. She knew their office would be closed for a few days and doing the test tomorrow would give us an answer before Christmas. Once I’ve spoken with the clinic, I am heading straight to the lab. 

If it’s positive, I am going to thank God, baby Jesus, Jolly Old St. Nick and even the Grinch himself for making my Christmas miracle come true.

If it’s a negative, I’m heading to Costco to pick up my clomid. And patiently wait for good ol’ Aunt Flo to appear… again.

Please send your positive thoughts my way. I’ll update you tomorrow. 🙂

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