Being realistic as we get closer to Christmas

CD 23. 9dpo. 5 days til expected period (ha! Like I ever want it to come). 6 days til Christmas.

I was extremely hopeful a week ago, but right now, my instinct tells me I’m not pregnant.

Two days ago, I started checking my CM and cervical position internally again – first pinkish mucus, then brownish mucus, now brownish mixed with red mucus. Cervix is low, very low. This is typical for a normal cycle for me. Aunt Flo is inevitably on her way.

I had to warn my hubby. He’s been reading baby name books and one night, he even talked to my belly. Ugh. Great. How will be react to this one? He shouldn’t have done that until we were certain, but I am glad he is hopeful.

He didn’t want to believe me. I’ve been tracking my body long enough that I know. I just know.

My mother-in-law threw a hissy fit once it finally sunk in that we wouldn’t be attending family Christmas. She freaked out on the confident who informed me of what my father-in-law said about us. I’m sure the fact that she didn’t know who told me was probably eating at her more than the fact that we have been upset with them for a long time due to their lack of support. It sucks that people blame others when they aren’t willing to self-reflect and admit that they may have done something wrong.

I feel like maybe my lil’ bean is holding off until we sort out some of this persistent family drama. Waiting sucks. I guess it makes sense to work it out now, so we don’t have to deal with it later. I really hope lil’ bean realizes we are ready and strong enough to protect them. Come on little one! 

We are heading to my husband’s Aunt and Uncle’s for Christmas supper. They don’t have any biological kids. It will be just them and us this year.  I often say that they are my husband’s second parents as they give unconditional love and support to us. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.

After that, we’re packing the dogs up and taking a road trip to Alberta. We will be hibernating at Elk Water Lake Lodge from December 27-29.  I’m looking forward to some peace and tranquillity. It’s much needed after this month.

Sending baby dust to those of you still waiting for your Christmas miracles! Xoxo.

5 thoughts on “Being realistic as we get closer to Christmas

  1. I hope that your body signals are misleading you this cycle, but I hear ya. I am in the exact same situation, AF should be here tomorrow or Saturday and all signs tell me she will show (not that we really tried this month anyways, so no big surprise if we’re not pg). Ps. I live in Alberta and I had never heard of the place you are going. I had to google it, looks lovely!


  2. Thanks! I just know my body and it’s telling me period is coming. I gotta make some calls this afternoon and figure out when to get my clomid refilled as I’ll most likely need to start taking it over Christmas. We live in Regina, SK. I was looking for a mini-staycation – within 5 hour driving range but near no family. haha This past July, we spent some time in Calgary/Banff/Emerald Lake. I love Alberta but the Rockies were just too far to go to for a weekend this time around.


    • Yeah I hear ya. I actually refilled my clomid a couple of weeks ago because I’m just planning on this cycle not working. Plus it’s only $7 so if I don’t use it, who cares. I’m actually going to Canmore/Banff area after Christmas. But with my in laws. So yeah that’ll be fun. *insert eye roll*


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