My husband is my superhero

It’s been 5 days since my IUI was cancelled. I’m doing surprisingly well.  I’m feeling much better now that the Clomid is out of my system.

This was the first month of my life that I can honestly say I felt ovulation. Thank you Clomid for doing one positive thing for me. 

My husband is being very optimistic. In fact, right now he’s sitting on the other couch reading a baby names book and laughing at the meaning of his name – “One like God” and our male dog’s name – “Greatest One, Superior “. Ya right. haha 

If nothing else, this month has reminded me that my hubby is an amazing husband. He made me home made soup this week. He took time off work for sex. He held me while I cried.  And most of all, he stood up to his parents. Yes. You read that correctly.  

My in-laws know that we are going to appointments and dealing with fertility specialists, but THEY HAVE NEVER ASKED US EVEN ONE QUESTION ABOUT IT. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. 

My hubby comes from a family where communication is very dysfunctional. They avoid all issues, deny the truth, lie to each other, never express emotion, etc. It’s sad really.

His parents have not called since the confrontation between my father-in-law and myself.

I caved and emailed my mother-in-law. I told her that we were doing fertility treatments this month and I would not be attending a cousin’s baby shower. She responded with 101 questions. I avoid answering the majority of them.  I thanked her for offering to help. I told her her email made my hubby feel more supported.  Translation: Call your son. He needs you right now. Ask him those 101 questions in person.

No response. No phone call. The morning that we found out that our IUI was cancelled, she finally responded via email asking whether or not I was coming to the shower and if I would be bringing the punch. Can you read woman? I told you NO two weeks ago! You agreed to make the punch! WTF!

Well, that was enough for my hubby too. He called his mother up and reamed her out. He told her he was sick of her not caring and if she wanted to help she should start by asking us how we are doing. He told her that all she cares about is perogies and punch when we are dealing with so much more. He told her to stop emailing me. He told her she has two sons, but she only cares about his brother. He told her we would not be coming for Christmas and we did not want to hear from them for a long time.

She showed up at our house that evening and tried to apologize. He told her he wasn’t ready to accept her apology and that she should leave.

This week, I’ve spent lots of time meditating and grounding myself. I used to be the kind of person who would dwell on a situation like this, but this time I’m moving forward.

If this month ends in a BFN, I will move steadily into next month knowing that we made huge progress on a relationship level. My heart is full with love and admiration for my husband. We have never been stronger. I have never been prouder.

This is a huge step for him, a huge step for us.

We can do this. We can make it through anything – crazy families and all. 

Entering a new chapter

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