IUI is cancelled

Yesterday at about 3:30 pm, I had a sharp pang in the left ovary, the one with the dominant follicle. I had a dentist appointment  at 4pm, so off I went to the dentist and tried to ignore it.

By the time I was done, I couldn’t ignore it. I was bloated and sore, extremely sore. So sore that it hurt to sit, it hurt to laugh and it hurt even more when my husband and I had sex. 

He didn’t believe me. He didn’t think the doctors could be wrong. Wasn’t that why I was taking drugs? To time everything perfectly? 

My body has a mind of it’s own. 

This morning, the symptoms had subsided. It took me 45 minutes to get through to my my specialist’s office on the phone. They told me to call the fertility clinic. I left a message and received a call back a few minutes later from a nurse. She was very reassuring. She agreed with me that the clomid had intensified my symptoms and that I most likely had ovulated. She was going to try to get me into my specialist for an ultrasound to confirm whether I was right or not. I knew my specialist was at the hospital today, but I hoped she would agree. 

The nurse called me back and said the IUI was being cancelled. My specialist couldn’t fit me in, so they didn’t want to make me trigger without confirming whether or not ovulation had occurred. She believed me that it had and didn’t want me to waste the time (2.5 hour drive) to the clinic or the money for the procedure. 

I’ll go for blood work on December 23 if my period hasn’t arrived yet. If it does arrive, we will move onto our first IUI cycle next month. The fertility clinic has assured me that I will be monitored more closely if we have to move forward. 

I knew that I ovulate naturally. I agreed to the drugs because they were supposed to make it easier to time it. I guess they didn’t fail at that. The ovulation symptoms were beyond obvious, but the IUI timing was off. 

Initially, I was mad at the doctors. They admitted a mix-up. When the clinic booked my IUI, it was based on Friday, not Monday’s ultrasound results. But even then, my doctor’s guesstimate was off. I started ovulating before her suggested trigger time. My body wouldn’t have fit into either one of their schedules. 

So, I left work at noon and drove home crying. This is why I kept telling my hubby we needed to strive for sex every other day. He was trying to “save it up” for the IUI. This is why us women have to be in tune with our bodies and act as our own advocates within the medical system. 

This afternoon, I was still feeling some twinges, but this time over my right ovary. I called my husband and asked him to come home early. We had sex. I put on my fertility meditation and listened to the transfer/insemination day. We fell asleep. 

In the end, our timing was pretty bang on. Let’s just hope it worked. 


12 thoughts on “IUI is cancelled

    • Thank you. I feel the same way. Not having to do IUI is what I wanted. If we get a miracle this month, I will be ecstatic! If not, I will trust that there was a reason for this month and our miracle will come when it’s meant to.


  1. How frustrating! Actually, when I did the clomid challenge test the pharmacist pointed out to me that you can have twins taking clomid. Right there and then I thought to myself “not when it comes to me”…and I was right even though we did religiously the every other day love making nothing happened. I hope it’ll be different for you and you will get your miracle baby 😉


    • Oh the twins commen! This has been on our radar for a while. I’m already high risk as my sister and brother are twins; and my mom is a twin! My grandma and her sister both had twins. Then with my mom, it didn’t skip any generations. . I’m praying for a miracle – whether that comes as 1 or 2 bundles of joy is fine with me. 😉


  2. I’m so sorry your iui was canceled. My RE had me do opks until trigger day, and if I get a positive one(and we were doing iui) she’d do it then. Maybe that way you would miss anymore cycles? But…your timing truly is bang on! I’m still hopeful this could be your cycle.


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