Facebook = an infertile’s enemy

Some days, I wish that I could filter my Facebook wall to omit certain subjects. #baby #pregnancy #ultrasound #expecting #birth #welcomebaby

I was in a decent mood today… until I checked my Facebook. ANOTHER one of hubby’s cousins is pregnant. It’s her 3rd child. Clearly, she’s fertile.

Initially, I was fine. I said Congrats. She’s got cute kids. Another will be exciting.

Then I checked and checked again and checked again. Everyone was saying congrats! *queue the water works*

Because that’s what us (in)fertiles do: we torture ourselves.

So, I made a list of everyone I know who announced a pregnancy or gave birth in 2013. Got to 20 names and gave up.

I texted hubby to ask if he called the Surgical Wait Line to find out where he is on the list. Yup, still waiting 2-4 months. Great. Potentially even longer now.

Why did I start a cleaning eating cleanse this week? Oh yeah – to make my body healthier for a BABY!

All I want is a chocolate bar.

Lesson of the day: (in)fertiles should limit their Facebook use.

Now only if I can put that lesson into practise. 


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